Ambulance Service
We provide on call private ambulance with the best service on your door step at the best price.
Ayurvedic Hospitals
Ayurveda is regarded is one of the oldest medical solutions and our hospital provides ayurvedic treatment.
Ayurvedic Massage
Heal your body and mind with best Ayurvedic massages with herbs infused medicated oils of high quality.
Ayurvedic Massage Therapy Centres
Our expertise lies in rendering proficient and effective Ayurvedic massage therapy by the skilled masseurs.
Ayurvedic Medicine Migraine
Heal your migraine naturally with ayurvedic medicine to avoid any side effects and to get instant solution.
Ayurvedic Medicines For Slip Disc
We are engrossed in providing effective Ayurvedic medicines for Slip Disc and feel relieved from the pain.
Ayurvedic Treatment Centres
We are leading Ayurvedic treatment centre providing best services to you for healing & relaxation.
Diabetes Treatment
We will control your blood sugar through diet, oral medication or insulin to treat your Diabetes.
Doctors & Specialists
We offer multi specialty doctors who cure and eliminate your illnesses and cure your ailments.
Family Physician
Our clinic consists of various family physicians that diagnose and provide medication for minor illnesses.
About Us
Heal your mind and body with our treatments. We, Paripoorna Ayurveda Hospital Panchakarma & Infertility Speciality, situated at Karimnagar Ho, Karimnagar, Telangana and our objective is making people's lives happy and healthy through authentic Ayurvedic therapy. By offering the most indulgent ayurvedic service and by setting the highest standards in quality of products & services in all its centres, we have earned the trust and confidence of a large number of customers globally. 
"Their ayurvedic treatment for paralysis is extremely effective."
- Ruchita Sharma
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